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Having my beautiful children has moved me to cherish those moments that make life worth living. The moments that happen in an instant, but last for a lifetime. Capturing those moments is what we do, and we really LOVE what we do. I'm Ciji, and together with Jonathan (the love of my life), I'd like to introduce you to our labour of love: ALMOST MARRIED.

Jonathan and I started ALMOST MARRIED as a photography tandem shooting exclusively wedding and engagement photos. Our photography styles meshed so naturally and our chemistry working as a team worked surprisingly well. From then it was our distinct style that got us noticed, and our close relationships with our clients that became our signature.

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Cinematography is another one of our passions. Shooting wedding videos seemed to come naturallly, but before we offered it to clients, we wanted to put some serious thought into what an ALMOST MARRIED video would look like. We came up with a style that was both heart-warming and fun to watch. Check out our gallery to see how we do videos.

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We would be delighted to meet you. It helps us get to know you, and helps you to get comfortable with us. Being comfortable and relaxed with your photographers is the key ingredient in capturing natural, genuine moments. To discuss finer details get in touch with us and let's chat.

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